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  • building kitchen cabinet

    • Building Antique Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet

      Building Antique Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet

      ?shaker style kitchen cabinet with the island in the middle to do a lot of storage, and designed the same level as the dining table and the entire kitchen into one, that can eat breakfast, but also for Western food, barbecue preparation table and countertop dual-use.What is a happy thing for parents and children to have a delicious meal together. ?The kitchen wall unit glass door has good light transmission, is environmentally friendly, and does not emit odor. Rich in color, can be made into a variety of special colors, moisture, fire resistance,won’t out of shape. ?Natural marble countertops have natural and beautiful textures and are available in a variety of styles. ?According to customer needs, design a smart and diverse kitchen storage solution to make the kitchen more powerful;

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      Buy disrtessed small kitchen cabinets

      Buy disrtessed small kitchen cabinets

      ? White cabinets with black marble countertops and floors, simple black and white, plus some colorful kitchenware and green plant classics also reveal a stylish atmosphere。 ? Panel by panel combination adopts wood tenon and CAM LOCK connection. This structure is the most mature board cabinet connection structure at present. Generally, 5MM board is used, and slotted connection is adopted; this structure is not only safe and stable, but also the board can be disassembled multiple times. . ? The natural marble countertop has natural beautiful texture and various colors, which is suitable for various styles

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