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  • corner wardrobe

    • Large Corner Wooden Wardrobe Armoire Furniture

      Large Corner Wooden Wardrobe Armoire Furniture

      ? The wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture for every household. It not only has a good storage and storage function, but also has a good decorative effect, which can enhance the overall interior decoration effect. ? The general wardrobe cabinet is made of 18mm thick material (MFC,MDF,PLYWOOD) ? The closet is a cabinet for storing and storing clothes. It is generally composed of cabinets, door panels, silent wheels and curtains. It has built-in clothes rails, pants racks, pull baskets, disinfection lamps and other accessories. It is generally designed for men's and women's areas. Let your room clean and beautiful.

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      Buy wardrobe armorire insrts armoire closet

      Buy wardrobe armorire insrts armoire closet

      ? Small walk-in closet design. ?Functional distinction layer design, the top layer is designed to open the door cabinet, store quilts and other items. The middle layer is the area where clothes are hung. The bottom floor has drawers and shelves. ?18mm dark wood grain cabinet, white matte door panel. ? The corner is designed as an L-shaped cabinet, which is convenient for storage and retrieval while increasing the storage of clothes. ?A set of open cabinet design for convenient storage of handbags and backpacks.

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